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Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners Wilmington

One option to improve indoor air quality is by installing an Ultraviolet Light whole home air cleaner. This air cleaner works with encased UV lights (UV-C lamps) that kill certain indoor air pollutants. Microorganisms with a nucleus are effected by ultraviolet rays killing the DNA rendering them without life. These particles do not necessarily ‘disappear’ and can still cause problems for asthma sufferers. Ultraviolet Light air cleaner will kill certain mold spores; but these particles will still be present in your home until manually removed by cleaning. If your family suffers from asthma or other respiratory health problems, a whole home electrostatic air cleaner will be a better choice to improve your indoor air quality.

All Comfort Heating and Cooling service professionals can install an ultraviolet light air cleaner directly into your system, or into the return air flex. This ensures all indoor air circulating throughout your home passes.

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