Signs That Your Heating & Air Conditioning Unit Needs Service

Your thermostat is slowly creeping up several degrees above what you have it set it to. The air coming from your vent feels lukewarm, not cold or hot. You may need a home air conditioning service!

1. Check Your Indoor HVAC Air Filter

First check your indoor HVAC air filter: Is your air filter clogged or have you changed it within 30 days to keep it clear for the air to pass through? If the air filter is full with debris, change it immediately and allow the system to run and monitor if the temperature comes back down. Your heat pump needs the correct amount of return air to be pulled in to effectively cool your home and keep the coil from freezing.

2. Check the Outdoor Condenser

If it’s clear then next check your outdoor condenser: is it running? Do you hear the compressor or see the fan blades spinning? If not, an air conditioning service is needed. Your indoor air handler and outdoor condenser must both be running for your home to cool. If you have a package heat pump (one large unit outdoor that houses both evaporator and condenser components, see image) the same applies. When only the air handler blower motor is running, you are merely circulating your indoor ambient air which allows the indoor temperature to rise.maintenance for heating systems Wilmington nc

3. Turn Your Heating & Air Conditioning System OFF

Contact All Comfort and an air conditioning service technician from Wilmington to Hampstead will arrive promptly to diagnose and repair the HVAC failure so your hot and cold air returns! We recommend to turn the heat pump to the off position until an air conditioning service call is complete as to not cause any further damage to your system.

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