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Thermostat Batteries Only Display The Temperature. They Don't Control The HVAC Unit.

Your digital thermostat went blank, you can’t control anything! If you see the temperature and possible a few other functions on the screen but have no control, you most likely have batteries installed and those batteries serve only this purpose: to allow a display of your indoor air temperature at the time of a power loss, system failure, etc. If you are completely blank and then think ‘I need to run to the box store and get some batteries’ STOP, there’s no need as an air conditioner repair service call could save you time and gas!

Careful! Miswiring a Thermostat can Be Disastrous.

If you are thinking to run to the box store to purchase a new thermostat since yours is blank STOP! First, it may not be a thermostat failure and second, exchanging a thermostat is not as easy as pulling one off the wall, color match wires, and COOL air comes out. Many times clients cause more damage to the system so please consider the next step:

Is the problem a clogged condensation line?

If you can, access your indoor air handler and visually inspect the condensation drain pan, do you notice a lot of water in the pan below the unit? Is water overflowing or at the point where it will overflow? If so, your condensation drain line may be clogged and you need an air conditioner repair technician (servicing Ogden to Hampstead) to properly clear the drain line to ensure the clog is removed.

Does your air handler or AC condenser unit get enough power?

Many air conditioning systems have safety measures in place that cut power to your A/C which stops the production of condensation to avoid flooding. Also you may locate the PVC drain line where it exits the home. Many times this is up to a foot off the ground coming out of the foundation. Once located, do you see a steady stream of water? If the system just recently shut off condensation should still be draining, if there is water in the pan and no water coming from the drain line outdoor, an air conditioning repair is needed. If the water is not the issue, still save your money from the big box store and call our local HVAC company today to schedule an air conditioner repair technician properly diagnose the issue and if it is a thermostat we will offer options for a product that fits your needs and lifestyle!

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