Avoid Emergency AC Repair this Summer!

Summer comes on Strong in Wilmington, NC! Are you ready for the sweltering heat? Is your air conditioner? Prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat before an AC repair is needed with these four easy steps!

4 Steps for Annual HVAC Maintenance

  1. The winter season brings falling leaves, branches and other debris into your outdoor condenser unit. Now’s the time to remove the debris and rinse off your condenser with a low pressure garden hose. Dirty condenser coils will cause the need for an AC repair, if the light spray doesn’t seem to get it clean, schedule a professional air conditioning service. Also ensure there is a minimum of 2 feet of clearance around your condenser for proper airflow and to allow a professional to perform an air conditioning service or emergency AC repair with ease. Remove or trim shrubs and trees and remove any close fence structures as to not crowd the unit. Do not place any items on top of the condenser or build a structure directly above the unit.

  3. Change your indoor air filter. This needs to be a task you tackle monthly or at least every 6 weeks to ensure proper airflow to your HVAC system. Don’t forget about the return air filters in areas of your home that may not receive as much traffic such as an upstairs, FROG or guest house. These may need changing less often than every 30 days so now is a great time to check them before they cause the need for an AC repair.

  5. Visually inspect your duct-work system. Whether your duct-work is located under the home or in the attic, small animals may have found refuge from the cold in your flex or insulation. Check for tears, sags and disconnects. If you find that assistance is needed due to damage, call and schedule an AC repair and our technicians will assess and repair your duct system. You want the conditioned air to flow into your home, not into an unconditioned space that only small critters and old decorations live in!

  7. The most thorough and cost effective way to prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat wave and avoid emergency AC repairs is by having a professional perform a preventative air conditioning service to ensure your air conditioner is ready to provide you with comfort all summer long!


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